Building Stack wanted to reach out to you during this challenging time. Our entire team is working remotely, but remains available to support you and help keep you on top of the quickly changing situation. We strongly believe that communicating clearly with your tenants and team is more important than ever, especially when many of us are staying home.

We have compiled some recommendations to ensure that your tenants and team are aware of any updates in your buildings.

For your tenants

  • Put emergency policies in place. Update your building rules and emergency contacts, ensuring that your tenants can easily access the information from their tenant portal.
  • Be transparent. Keep your tenants up-to-date about the evolving situation and let them know of any new measures you are putting in place. We suggest using Building Stack Tickets to quickly and effectively communicate any updates with your tenant base.
  • Keep tenants up to date on the status of your facilities. Shared areas such as the gym, the pool, and the common rooms should have limited operating hours and capacity if not closed altogether.

For your team

  • Centralize communication with your team. Despite the distance, you need to be available for your team. Over-communicate and ensure that everyone stays in the loop.
  • Ensure that all your employees are equipped to work remotely. Verify that everyone has access to all of the tools that they need from home. Remember that Building Stack is available from any computer or mobile device. If you have any issues, contact support or visit our Help Center.

Rent payments

Building Stack’s online payment solution is included in all of our plans at no additional cost. If you currently do not have this feature enabled, we strongly encourage you to reconsider – our support team is available to walk you through the simple steps. Just write us at

The current situation is evolving rapidly, and we are doing everything we can to keep your mind at ease during these stressful times.