Electronically Sign British Columbia Leases

Speed up the entire signature process for the residential tenancy agreement in British Columbia.

Generate legally-binding pre-populated BC tenancy agreements, pulling information directly from your Building Stack account

British Columbia specific lease settings

Pre-populate all of the required sections for the BC provincial Residential Tenancy Agreement, in the official template provided by the British Columbia provincial government and accepted at the Residential Tenancy Branch.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

The lease will be auto-filled with landlord and tenant(s) contact information as well as the address of the unit being rented.

Section 2 - Beginning and term of the agreement

The lease will be auto-filled with the term of the lease, including start date, ending date, month-to-month and electronic initials.

Section 3 - Rent

The lease will be auto-filled with rent details, frequency as well as which amenities and utilities are included.

Section 4 - Security deposit and pet damage deposit

The lease will be auto-filled with optional security deposit or pet damage deposit amounts and dates owing.

Section 17- Additional Terms

Automatically specify if there are any additional terms which can be added in an attachment or addendum.

Tenancy agreement electronic signature - RTB-1

The lease will be auto-filled with detailed landlord and tenant information which will be signed electronically using Building Stack.

Electronically sign documents

Save time by setting up templates for frequently used Residential Tenancy Branch British Columbia documents.

Customized signature permissions

Choose which employees should have access to view, prepare, edit, approve and sign the British Columbia Residential Tenancy Agreement

Organize and share your signed leases

Signed leases will be automatically organized and stored. Quickly share copies of signed leases with any lessee, lessor or colleague.

Printed lease of a dwelling

Sometimes a printed Residential Tenancy Agreement might be required, save time by prepopulating and signing in person.

Unlimited users

There is no maximum for users within your organization who can have access to manage or sign documents.

Lease signature reminders

Choose what frequency you wish to remind signees about pending signatures.

Full audit trail

Track every step of the document signature flow, including a detailed audit trail history for every activity, view, signature, user information and much more.

Custom Annexes

Easily add any required text in a custom lease annex section.

Provincial specific settings

Pre-configured lease settings that will be
used to fill in different lease templates across Canada.

Set signing order

Easily set the order for leases to be approved and signed.

High- level security

Your data is encrypted using 256- bit SSL and handled by a closely monitored infrastructure.

Building rules

Easily add building specific rules to any lease.

Unique serial number

Every lease includes a unique serial number.

Go paperless

Digitize your paperwork and reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.


Sign and manage your documents in both English and French.

Made in Canada

Our lease digital signature functionality was designed in Canada for Canadians.

Pre-paid British Columbia Lease Credits

Several different lease packages are available, including volume discount. Prices range from:

$7.40 – $3.65/lease

*Requires document signature add-on

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