The Building Stack team has been working hard to make its platform the best property management application in the market. As a result, we have some exciting new features to present to you today.

Read on to find out more about the latest improvements of the Building Stack experience!

Overview cards

Available with: All Building Stack solutions
Various locations throughout the platform

Some modules of our platform now feature overview cards. These provide you with an instant view of the information you need in an easy-to-read format. 

The statistics and charts of the overview cards are prominently displayed at the top of the page for your convenience:

Overview cards on Storage page

Look for new overviews on the following pages of Building Stack:

  • Buildings
  • Spaces (Units, Parking and Storage)
  • Tenants
  • Balance
  • Documents

Here are a few examples of the type of information you will find in overview cards:

Portfolio overview card

The Portfolio overview card in the Building overview.


Tenants signup overview card

The Tenants signup overview card in the Tenants overview.


Document type overview card

The Document type overview card in the Documents overview.

Log into your Building Stack account now to see your rental information from a whole new point of view!


Available with: All Building Stack solutions
Displayed upon login

This is by far the biggest update we are presenting to you today, and one of our proudest achievements of the last few months. The next time you log into Building Stack, you will be greeted by our brand new Dashboard!

Building Stack Dashboard

Also accessible from the sidebar menu, the Dashboard presents a summary of your account’s activity by grouping all of the platform’s overview cards on one page. You can then immediately see how business is going, and what needs your attention.

You can also use filters to only display the information about specific buildings. The filtered cards will appear in blue:

Building Stack Dashboard with filtered view

Check out your new Dashboard on Building Stack to get a complete overview of your company!

Revamped ticket module

Available with: Communication solution
Communication > Tickets

We recently did some great improvements to our ticket module, especially the ticket creation process.

Besides adding helpful instructions to guide you along the way, we made it easier for you to add tenants and employees to a ticket through an intuitive popup window:

Adding tenants to a ticket

You may also have noticed that the ticket details page has a new look!

Building Stack Ticket details page

But don’t worry: only the visual interface of the page has changed. We made sure that all the great features you love are still available and easy to find.

Check out our new Ticket page on your Building Stack account!

Importing spaces and tenants

Available with: All Building Stack solutions
Properties > Buildings > Any building
Tenants & Leases > Tenants

Did you just add a large property to your portfolio? If so, first of all, congratulations! But also, fear no more: our batch import tool is finally here!

Import button on Units page

With this convenient new feature, you can add multiple units, parking spaces, storage spaces or tenants to your account at the same time, potentially cutting down hours of admin time.

While we provide you with a fillable import template, you can use any Excel or CSV file, as long as it includes all mandatory fields such as market rent for spaces, or first and last name for tenants. 

Simply align each spreadsheet column with the corresponding field in Building Stack, and all the spaces or tenants will be created instantly.

Building Stack's batch import tool

Batch imports also enable you to create leases faster, knowing that the spaces and tenants you need are all set up in Building Stack. Just select them from the list instead of creating them one by one!

Please note that this feature is only available for users with Administrator rights within the platform.

Autopopulated Pending tenant information

Available with: All Building Stack solutions
Tenants and Leases > Tenants > Pending Tenants tab

When a tenant sends you a login request in order to create their Building Stack account, their information will appear in the Pending Tenants tab of the Tenants page.

Pending tenants page

If you have already created this tenant in your system, then the request will be merged with the existing tenant. Otherwise, you have to create a new tenant.

To speed up the process, the information that your tenant has entered in their login request is now automatically populated in the tenant creation form.

Creating a new tenant using a Pending tenant's information

You’ll be able to create new tenants in a few clicks by logging into your account the next time you receive a tenant request!

New CSV reports available

Available with: All Building Stack solutions
Various locations throughout the platform

In order to increase Building Stack’s compatibility with other tools that you use every day, we added an Export button on multiple pages of the platform. Click on this button to generate CSV reports that are easy to share with anyone.

Export button

You can also use the filters to export only a specific part of your data, so your external consultants only see what they need to see.

The new Export buttons are located on the top right corner of the lists on the following pages:

  • Properties > Buildings
  • Properties > Spaces > Units
  • Team > Employees
  • Tenants & Leases > Leases
  • Tenants & Leases > Leases > Any lease > Balance
  • Tenants & Leases > Leases > Any lease > Security Deposits

Log into Building Stack to generate reports and share your data with other accounting systems!

Any questions?

Don’t worry, our support team is still only a few clicks away. We simply changed the location of our chat button:

New support chat button

What else is missing?

We want you to enjoy Building Stack as much as we do. Is there something you wish you could be doing on our platform? If so, write us at We are looking forward to reading your suggestions!